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University of Liverpool degrees

Student Support

Friendly and Experienced Staff

The Degree Team consists of:

Student Accommodation

Providing you are holding a Firm Offer and return your accommodation application by the deadline you will be guaranteed University accommodation.

Applicants with Disabilities - We welcome applications from students with disabilities. We need to know in advance about your disability if special arrangements are likely to be necessary. At Carmel we have barrier-free access into and around the building. New building plans take into account the needs of people with disabilities. 

Excellent Learning Facilities including:

An Academic Advisor

To support you through your first year of study. Your advisor will be available to discuss any problems, academic, personal or general. Your advisor may not always be able to solve the problem but will be able to find someone who can.

Academic and Personal Development

A smaller, more intimate College environment offers support for gradual academic and personal development at Carmel. Transferable skills form the basis of the programme, equipping you for an independent existence and academic success at The University of Liverpool.

The Guild of Students

All students studying at Carmel will also be members of the University of Liverpool Guild of Students. The Guild currently boasts 45 sports clubs and 100 other clubs or societies. Societies may be cultural, religious, national or political.

The Guild organises a comprehensive programme of events to suit all tastes and ensures that you will enjoy your time at University. You will receive details about the introductory events before the beginning of term.


In addition to following main academic courses, there are many examples of students extending their extra curricular activities. Enrichment activities are useful for supporting career choices by gaining relevant experience in a particular area but also are a means of realising your potential. Students are encouraged to participate both in group situations and as individuals.

These have included: crewing in the Tall Ships Race, pilgrimages to Lourdes, singing in the choir, playing in bands, teaching and working in the Third World through the Lasallian Developing World Project and representative sports including international wheelchair basketball, karate and gymnastics.

Our Enrichment Programme offers over 50 activities, some of which enable students to gain useful qualifications or improve learning, others allow expression of creative talent. Students can take part in activities that complement their academic course options or try something different and develop new skills or improve existing ones.