Carmel College, Prescot Road, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 3AG

01744 452200

Elizabeth Valariyil : 2014-2016

Before Carmel

St Augustine's

Whilst At Carmel

  • BTEC Science Dual (Dist*Dist*)
  • Health & Social Care (B)

After Carmel

Manchester Metropolitan University

University is a life-changing experience, I am able to explore different opportunities where I am able to go beyond my potential - professionally, academically and socially. University can be difficult but this can be overcome by meeting exciting new people from different backgrounds who have similar aspirations as you. There are many clubs to choose from; I'm now part of an Environmental Leadership course, this helps me to tackle climate change and make sustainable changes in urban cities like, Manchester.
I hope that my academic life leads me onto a field of Cardiovascular Research.

“My time at Carmel was a wonderful experience. It was awesome.”

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