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Alicia Hannah : 2014-2016

Before Carmel

St Edmund Arrowsmith, Whiston

Whilst At Carmel

  • English Lang & Lit (B)
  • Law (A)
  • Media Studies (A)

After Carmel

Gap Year before university

Taking a gap year between studies was a brilliant decision for me, as I was still unsure on what path I wanted to take upon leaving Carmel. It's allowed me to take the opportunity to save and travel, starting with Australia which I'm really looking forward to. I've also been able to gain more experience to put towards my University application; as a prospective Journalist, experience in writing is essential, so I've been able to build on my journalistic and writing skills gained through my subject choices at A-level. Deferring my move into higher education has really freed up my time to fully explore what I want to study, being able to network with graduates and undergraduates alike has significantly influenced my final course choice of Journalism.

“The friends and memories I have made at Carmel make the hard work and effort worth it - especially the feeling of success at the end!”

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