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Core Maths

Core Maths

Core Maths is a course for those with a GCSE Mathematics grade 4 or above who
want to keep up their valuable maths skills but who are not planning on taking A
Level Mathematics. At the end of the two year course, you will have achieved a
Level 3 qualification, similar to an AS.

The course not only supports your work in other subjects involving maths content at
A Level, but is also designed to deepen and extend your mathematics and be better
prepared for higher education and employment.

Core Maths will help you to understand and apply clear, mathematical reasoning to
real-life problems, analyse and interpret data in various contexts and confidently deal
with everyday financial maths.

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What our students say

I enjoy studying Core Maths and find the lessons interesting. It gives me the opportunity to see how Maths is used in the real world. I find the Core Maths course useful as it helps me with the mathematical elements in my other subjects. I enjoy Carmel because of the academic atmosphere and the feeling of community with in the college.
Kieron Eager