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BTEC Business

BTEC Business

The BTEC Level 3 in Business at Carmel College gives every learner the opportunity
to develop a real understanding of what is involved, both theoretically and practically,
in becoming an effective business professional. We try to give you a greater
involvement with businesses, so more trips to businesses, more research of real
businesses, a one-week work placement in the first year and a greater development of
the personal skills you will need to succeed in the business world.

You have the opportunity to study the course as a single qualification which is the
equivalent to 1 A Level (Extended Certificate) or as a double award qualification which
is the equivalent to 2 A Levels (Diploma).

Where does this course lead?
A BTEC Level 3 can lead to a similar course at university, an apprenticeship, employment in a small or large organisation or even the opportunity to run your own business. What is important to know is that there is a very wide range of progression opportunities which will be available to you when you complete the course. Areas of study, an apprenticeship or employment could include:

Business Studies; Business Management; Project or Event Management; Retail, Merchandising and Sales; Law; Marketing and Advertising; Finance and Accounting; Personnel Development; Administration; Human Resources.

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