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BA Hons Graphic Design

BA Hons Graphic Design

We run the first year of a fully accredited BA (Hons) course in Graphic Design here at Carmel College.

We follow the exact same course structure as the University of Salford, with the same modules and opportunities, only your first year is based here at Carmel College. The second and third years will be studied at the landmark New Adelphi building, the University of Salford's pioneering new build.

Find out more about studying at the University of Salford: Student Guide

10 benefits of studying the first year at Carmel:

  1. All students can look forward to a supportive environment where you are challenged to achieve the very best you are capable of.
  2. It is a small provision; this means more tutor time to help you develop as a graphic designer.
  3. We have an enviable record of ex-Carmel students securing jobs in the Creative Industries.
  4. We deliver a quality provision, and the student is at the heart of what we do. We were inspected in 2009 and 2014 by QAA.
  5. Specialisms across Illustration, Communication and Motion and Interactivity.
  6. The Arts at Carmel are performing brilliantly at all levels, which means you are part of a thriving and energetic faculty across all the art disciplines.
  7. Carmel offers fantastic purpose-built facilities in our Centre for Art & Design.
  8. The course is available at reduced fees of £6000
  9. Smooth transition into year two at the University of Salford. You will be studying in the largest national hub for the digital and creative industries outside of London.
  10. Friendly, supportive and caring environment.

Please visit the Graphic Design pages at the University of Salford for more information.

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