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Art - Photography

Art - Photography

Portraiture, still life, landscape, editorial, fashion, photojournalism, reportage, and studio - the list is endless. Whether digital or analogue, photography is about visually communicating; summing up an idea, a concept, a message and conveying this to an intended audience to evoke a reaction. Photography plays one of the most important parts in a ever-evolving digital world where imagery, interactions and communications are instantaneous through social media.

Photography starts with the ability to see and capture the world around us, to select and compose, to manipulate light and capture those decisive moments. Digital Photography involves the use of technology through digial slr cameras, software such as Adobe Photoshop and the embracing of a app driven world; the use of motion and multisensory imagery becoming ever more important. The more traditional analogue processes are embraced creatively, practiced and appreciated fully. The opportunity to attend workshops with professional photographers, visits to galleries and links to creative industries are an integral part of the Photography course.

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