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Physical Education

Physical Education

Anyone who has an enthusiastic interest in sport and is a keen participant or performer will enjoy the challenges that an A level course in PE will present. It is an ideal subject to allow you to develop the skills in your specialist practical areas while at the same time making you aware of all the other factors that contribute to improving performance. The subject has a well respected theoretical foundation and will give you many of the skills required to enhance your career aspirations.

To study A Level you are required to participate regularly in competitive sport for your chosen activity. You will need to maintain this involvement throughout the duration of your studies. The range of activities has narrowed for the new specification but you can be assessed in individual activities such as gymnastics, contemporary dance, boxing or athletics, team sports including; handball, hockey, football, netball and rugby and a range of specialist activities including wheelchair basketball and boccia. For a full list of approved activities click here.

Carmel's courses in PE have now been running for nearly 20 years and in that time the department has built up a strong reputation for delivering lessons which extend the students in an enjoyable, productive environment and where they gain success. The course is delivered by experienced staff who offer support and guidance in abundance for learners to ensure each individual achieves their own level of success.

Students in PE achieve excellent results and therefore go on to some of the most prestigious sporting universities in the country and achieve successful careers in sport.

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What our students say

I enjoy my PE lessons as the topics we cover are interesting and I can relate them to sporting examples with in my sport. The lessons are made enjoyable which helps me to stay motivated throughout the year.
Olivia Monks