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Drama & Theatre

Drama & Theatre

Studying A Level Drama and Theatre allows you to acquire knowledge and skills for further study and/or future employment in this industry. The course looks at the practices and theories of classical and contemporary practitioners and deepens your knowledge and appreciation for theatre's history and its development. You will be encouraged to develop your acting, creative and collaborative skills and will create innovative theatre pieces that will entertain and challenge audiences.

Throughout the course you will devise and perform scripted pieces of work, read plays and analyse theatre productions. You will also develop your performance skills whilst theoretically learning about the various styles, techniques and features involved in theatre practice. The 'Drama' part of the course focuses on creating and developing theatre and the 'Theatre' aspect focuses on the analysis of theatre productions and the impact on the audiences.

Where does this course lead?

This course offers a foundation to build on for progress to university to study a Drama/Theatre related course or for progressing to drama school and then potentially into a career in the industry (for example: actor, play writer, director, stage manager or teacher). Additionally, you will develop a range of skills which will appeal to future employers: confidence, creativity, charisma, communication, listening and working as part of a team.

What other activities will I get involved in?

Studying Drama and Theatre inevitably means that you will be given opportunities to get involved with extra-curricular activities and this is actively encouraged. Students gain valuable experience and confidence in performing and we place great importance on students' ability to become more involved with the wider community. Performances are supported by the whole college and you will be encouraged to take part in these throughout the year and support your peers. Each year Carmel hosts performance evenings and lunchtime concerts, a Creative Arts evening and also a variety of college services. The Performing Arts Department stages plays, concerts, cabarets and
shows over the two years of study. Other departmental enrichment activities will also be offered throughout the year. The Drama & Theatre department organises many trips and workshops to support and enrich learning. The department arranges theatre trips to watch professional works. In addition, professional companies and practitioners, along with ex-students, are invited to come into college to lead workshops and classes. Additionally there is a High Achievers' Programme within the faculty and selected students have the opportunity to perform and participate in a wide range of other exciting opportunities.

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