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At Carmel we aim to provide an environment where musicians can blossom and develop their particular strengths and talents, whether they are in composing or performing. We also aim to encourage students to broaden and appreciate a variety of styles of music at a deeper level. We in the Music Department believe that it is important for us to provide the basis of a life-long love for music through a course which is varied, challenging and, above all, enjoyable.

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Where will this course lead?

Music is a well-respected A Level and highly regarded in Higher Education and in the workplace, regardless of the industry. Being able to play, compose and analyse shows dedication, creativity and ambition. Many students at college are invited to audition for conservatoires around the UK as well as top universities such as Salford, Leeds College of Music, ACM in Guildford and Huddersfield University.

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What our students say

I like the creative element of Music the most. The performance and composition aspects are very fulfilling for a young performer and I think this is important. The opportunities that I have been given here have helped me greatly. I have been impressed with how eager all of the tutors are to offer extra help and tutorials, and their friendly approach to teaching and learning.
Georgia Mason