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Media Studies

Media Studies

The Media plays such an important role in our society today and this is reflected in the popularity of Media Studies at Advanced Level. At Carmel we aim to give you more of an idea of the power of the Media in your life, the impact it has on you in social, political and economic contexts. We aim to deliver an interesting, challenging and above all enjoyable course, which will inform, enthuse and illuminate.

Media and Film Facilities:-

Within the Media and Film department there is a computer room which is fully fitted with imac workstations with flat screen monitors, DVD facilities, scanning facilities and laser printing facilities. Programmes that will be used on the course are Adobe Mast Collection CS6 including Photoshop, InDesign and Premiere, these can be used for web design and magazine/newspaper layouts. There is also a viewing room and a classroom, coursework lessons will be in the computer room and theory lessons take place in the classroom or viewing room. The department has built up an extensive collection of digital video and still cameras which are available for students to book in advance and use for their practical work.

The department team is committed to delivering quality courses and members of the team have experience in examining Media Studies at examiner and senior examiner levels. Within both Film and Media, students are encouraged to explore their creativity and develop their own 'voice' and opinions on topics such as representation, media violence, media ownership etc. This builds confident students which leads to successful students.

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What our students say

I really enjoy studying Media Studies. It relates to real life situations and issues, keeping you up to date with local news and media throughout the world. I particularly enjoy the practical coursework part of Media, being creative and completing film projects on topics that are important to me.
Ellie Forsyth