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Law plays a vital role in society. The law helps define a society's values and also provides a means to solve problems and disputes without resorting to violence. A Level Law enables you to further explore the relationship between Law, Society and the Individual.

When you begin A Level Law you will be introduced to the English Legal System as a whole. This will involve looking at how Law is made, who can make Law and how Judges interpret Statutes. Here you will also study the role of legal personnel including barristers and solicitors as well as the role lay people have in the Law (i.e. Juries and Magistrates).

You will study both the theory and application of Criminal Law. This will involve looking at the fatal offences of murder, voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter and non-fatal offences of assault, battery, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, wounding and grievous bodily harm with intent. You will also look at property offences, including theft and robbery as well as the capacity defences of insanity and intoxication, the necessity defences of self defence, duress, and duress of circumstances and the preliminary offences of attempt.

In Tort Law you will study liability in negligence for injury to people and damage to
property, occupiers' liability, vicarious liability and you will consider any defences. You will also be asked to look at the Law of Contract OR the Law on Human Rights.

The course will be assessed by examination. There is no coursework.

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What our students say

Choosing Law at Carmel is one of the best decisions I've ever made. The course is simply fascinating and as with all subjects, my tutors are incredibly helpful and just generally excellent to be taught by.
Andrew Dixon