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Politics is an exciting subject because the vast majority of people do have political opinions, even if they think that they are 'not political'! It is also perhaps the most contemporary academic subject because of its newsworthy nature. If you watch any news bulletin there are usually one or two items that are either directly or indirectly connected to politics, i.e. the economy, education, war in Afghanistan, the health service etc.

Of course there are differences of opinion on these matters and this is what actually makes it such an intriguing subject to study.

Where does this course lead?

The course will prepare you for continued study at university degree level and various possible career pathways thereafter. The study of Politics is very useful for a number of careers and is a well-established subject at the most prestigious universities in the UK.

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What our students say

I enjoy studying Government and Politics at Carmel because it's an interesting subject which enables me to learn more about the British political system, as well as giving me a better understanding about current affairs through class discussions and talks from guest speakers.
Mollie Bird