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What our students say

Here is a selection of quotes from Carmel students, past and present......

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A Level Students:-

"Attending Carmel was a truly amazing milestone in my educational career. Meeting life long friends and inspirational tutors has really broadened my horizons for future education."

Matthew Heywood

"I had an amazing time at Carmel and made some really good friends. The support was fantastic; help was always on hand and I enjoyed learning subjects in detail. It's safe to say my time spent at Carmel was time well spent."

John Lea Wilson

"The staff at Carmel provided me with the best support during my studies helping me obtain a place at medical school. Their assistance over the 2 years made Carmel an excellent, friendly place to learn."

James Holdsworth

"I've truly enjoyed studying at Carmel, especially during my second year. The teachers are all amazing and very supportive, motivated to help students realise their potential. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming too."

Shannon O'Holian

"Ever since I came to Carmel it's been a brilliant experience. All my teachers have given me the greatest support from beginning to the end."

Amy Jack

"My time at Carmel has been great. I have really learned so much; how to take a more independent approach to learning, how to put my all into my work and how to make friends. I have loved my time here and I am excited for the future."

Matthew Robert Wharton

"I couldn't have achieved my results without the great support from the staff at Carmel, both academically and personally. I have made some wonderful friends and met some interesting people here and I wouldn't change anything about my time at Carmel.

Rebecca Warburton

"My time at Carmel has really made me push my boundaries and strive for success. Every member of staff has been amazing and I will remember my time here with great fondness."

Kyle McCracken

"I had an enjoyable time at Carmel College. It was undoubtedly the best place to take my A Levels despite the long commute in the morning. Here, the staff treat you as young adults and the facilities are first class."

Christian Foulton-Gyarmati

Foundation Learning students:-

"If you have got any problems they get sorted out quickly."

Katie Shellgrove

"There is alaways somebody to help you with your work."

Gemma Glover

"The Duke of Edinburgh Award and the residential to Bendrigg have developed my confidence."

Gary Rowe

"You get lots of help from classroom assistants and teachers"

Alice Rigby

"Staff are very supportive"

Ross Catherall