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FAQs for Parents


What support & personal development will my son/daughter receive?

At Carmel there is a Support Programme which covers a range of activities. All students are assigned a Personal Achievement Tutor at the start of term who will monitor both academic and personal progress to help them achieve their potential.

When can I expect to receive reports on my son/daughter's progress?

Student reviews take place during Consultation Day/Evenings. They start around 1pm and usually finish around 8pm. All Parents/Guardians are invited to attend alongside their son/daughter and the reviews take place twice a year for each year group. The review reports are available on our Connect site via each student's Individual Learning Plan. Click here to watch a short video guide to accessing your son/daughter's reviews.

What sort of workload is my son/daughter likely to have?

Expectations are high at Carmel and you can expect your son/daughter to have work to do on most evenings. This should amount to around fifteen hours of private study per week for those following an Advanced course. This independent study is vital to prepare young people for the world of work, developing employability skills that will ensure they are competitive in the world of industry.

What advice do you give about part time work?

Part-time jobs may provide benefits to students, financially, personally and socially but it is important to keep a sense of proportion and not allow commitment to a job to interfere with college work. We would recommend that 8 hours a week is the maximum that a student should spend on part-time work, particularly at exam preparation time. Part-time jobs should not be taken during college hours. There is a direct correlation between attendance and achievement and our expectations for attending college match those for employment.

Who do I contact if I have any concerns?

The Personal Achievement Tutor is the link between college and parents and is the first point of contact should you have any concerns. Should any problems arise you will be contacted by the Personal Achievement Tutor. You will always be contacted if your son/daughter has been absent without reason for three consecutive days.

Does the college have a disciplinary procedure?

If students abide by the terms of their student agreement, they are unlikely to meet with disciplinary action. However, there is a disciplinary procedure in place which follows six stages, a copy of which is available in the student diary or from Personal Achievement Tutors and the college Library. Depending on the level of seriousness of any particular incident, the college reserves the right to bypass the disciplinary stages.


What if my son/daughter requires additional learning support?

Learning Support is available from staff who are experienced in working with a range of disabilities and support needs. Read more about Learning Support.

Will my son/daughter receive careers guidance and help with applying to university?

All students will have important decisions to make regarding their future during their time at Carmel. The College is committed to providing support in order to help students make these decisions. Read more about Careers Guidance

My son/daughter wants to apply to Oxford, Cambridge or a demanding university course such as Medicine. What support is available?

Carmel offers a High Achievers' Programme designed to offer specific support to those students who achieve mostly 7s at GCSE. The Programme includes, amongst other things, specially designed tutorials and visits to Oxford and Cambridge. Read more about the High Achievers' Programme

What's the typical timetable?

All students study full-time at Carmel. The college day starts at 9am and ends at 4.05pm with a break in the morning and an hour for lunch. Alongside their chosen subjects, students can choose from a wide range of enrichment activities or join one of the Clubs or Societies that help prepare for specific careers. Students will also have free study periods and will attend sessions with their Personal Achievement Tutor. To see an example of a timetable click here