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Attendance and Absence

How does the college monitor attendance and punctuality?

Regular attendance and good punctuality are obviously essential if students are to attain their full potential. Personal Achievement Tutors and Subject Tutors keep daily registers and all absences are recorded. Parents will be contacted if tutors feel there is a cause for concern.

What if my son/daughter is absent from College because of illness for example?

All absences should be reported by telephone to the College by 10.00am on the 3rd day of absence. For absences of more than 1 week students are required to provide their Personal Achievement Tutor with a medical certificate although the period of time will be recorded as unauthorised. The number to ring is 01744 452200.

What if my son/daughter needs a medical or dental appointment?

Students are asked not to make medical or dental appointment within college time, even though they may have periods of time which appear to be free on the timetable, these should be used for private study.

What are authorised absences?

The college will authorise absence for college related activities such as trips, fieldwork, work experience, study leave and examinations.

A limited number of other types of absence are also classified as authorised. These will only be approved if the absence is unavoidable, and the evidence has been presented at the MIS office prior to the date of the absence and an Authorised Absence Form has been completed. Examples include:- University Open Days, Hospital / Orthodontist appointments, Driving / Theory Tests, Funeral, Religious Holidays.

Routine Medical and Dental check ups, and driving lessons will not be authorised unless in exceptional circumstances.

What if we have a holiday booked during term time?

Holidays in term time will be recorded as unauthorised; such absences are not approved by the college.

Holiday Request Forms are available from the MIS Office. These should always be completed in advance for holidays during term time.

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